How Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Help with Bulk Moisture Problems? infographic header image

How Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Help with Bulk Moisture Problems?

(View as a downloadable PDF) Q: What is bulk moisture or bulk water? A: Rain, snow, or groundwater. Why is there moisture in your crawl space? Bulk water gets into a Virginia home by: Running down the side of your home Entering through cracks in foundation Plumbing leaks and condensation You can get rid of moisture under your house by fully encapsulating your crawl space to prevent water and moisture from getting into your home. The Crawl Space Encapsulation Process Addressing standing water issues Cleaning the crawl space Installing a vapor barrier Air sealing your crawl space Installing crawl space …

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Understanding the Different Types of Heat Pumps (And How You Can Use Them) header image

Understanding the Different Types of Heat Pumps (And How You Can Use Them)

(View as a downloadable PDF) Heat pumps have many names and even more configurations. Here is your guide to understanding heat pumps and mini splits, as well as the multiple ways you can utilize these efficient and versatile home heating and cooling systems in your Eastern Virginia home.  TYPES OF HEAT PUMPS Heat pumps move heat from one place to another, instead of creating it, and they offer both heating and cooling modes while using only electricity. Here are the ways you can convert to a heat pump based on your home comfort needs: AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMPS Ducted air …

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HVAC Maintenance: How Often Should You Do It? blog header image

Are The Noises Coming from My AC Normal?

When your AC starts making noises, it’s easy to panic. You don’t want your air conditioner to die on you in the middle of the summer, and strange AC noises can be the first sign of a problem. But while many loud noises coming from your AC can indicate a problem, some noises are totally normal.  Today, we’re going to break down some of the most common noises air conditioners make and let you know which noises are normal, and which are cause for concern.  Normal AC Noises  A lot of the time, your AC making noise is normal. Here …

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How the Inflation Reduction Act Can Help You Upgrade Your Home blog header image

Home DIY Projects to Avoid This Summer

Is your home Honey Do list longer than ever? It’s not uncommon for home improvement projects to accumulate until it’s the middle of summer, and you’re overwhelmed with tasks with no way to get them all done before fall and winter return. When it comes to your home’s systems, DIY solutions can sound quick and easy, but the Worley’s team has seen our fair share of do-it-yourself projects gone wrong, and we know first-hand that homeowners often have to pay extra to fix their well-intentioned but unsuccessful DIY home repairs. Worley’s has you covered with a variety of services to …

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Find an Efficient Cooling System for Your Home with Mini Splits blog header image

Find an Efficient Cooling System for Your Home with Mini Splits

It’s hot in your Hampton Roads home, but can you afford to turn on the air conditioner? When the summer temperatures and humidity arrive here in Virginia, your cooling system is often the only source of relief from the sweat and the soupy air. However, if your cooling system is an inefficient or poorly-maintained air conditioner, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can feel like filling up at a gas pump in 2022 – too darn expensive!  At Worley’s, we pride ourselves on finding the right cooling systems for your home — whether that is a new AC unit …

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Crawl Spaces 101: Staying Pest & Moisture Free header image

Crawl Spaces 101: Staying Pest & Moisture Free

Homeownership often comes with more responsibilities than many Virginians bargain for, and when certain areas of your home are not properly maintained, you can run into some uncomfortable, expensive, and even hair-raising issues.  Worley’s Home Services has been helping homeowners get up to speed on how to properly maintain the crawl spaces in their Eastern Virginian homes. Here’s a crash course in keeping your crawl space free of excess moisture, unwanted temperatures, and even those creepy-crawly pest infestations.  Connecting the Crawl Space to the Rest of the Home Why is the crawl space so important? This dark and damp area …

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How To Tell If You Need a Crawlspace Inspection blog header image

How To Tell If You Need a Crawlspace Inspection

Crawl spaces rarely get the attention of the average homeowner – and if they do, it is usually a bad thing. But your crawl space may be trying to tell you something in other ways that you may not immediately link to the dark empty space beneath your home, and leaving your crawl space unchecked can lead to indoor air quality issues, increased monthly costs, and a home that is hard to keep comfortable.  If you are wondering if you need crawl space encapsulation, or are concerned about the condition of your crawl space and want to schedule an inspection, …

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What To Know Before You Install a Mini Split blog header

What To Know Before You Install a Mini Split

Whether you have decided to install ductless mini splits for their self-sufficiency and versatility, or you’re converting your home to all-electric heating and cooling, you’ll want to know how to get the most out of your new mini split system.  Here are some expert tips and tricks for owning a mini split heat pump here in the Eastern Virginia climate that will improve your indoor air quality, keep your heating and cooling costs to a minimum, and ensure your home is comfortable all year round.  The Mini Split Installation Process It’s a good idea to know what to expect when …

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How to Tell If Your Crawl Space Needs Work infographic header image

How to Tell If Your Crawl Space Needs Work

(View as a downloadable PDF) Are you concerned about the state of your crawl space? Or perhaps you suspect that the issues in your crawl space may have something to do with your home comfort frustrations? Look out for these telltale signs to help you determine if you need crawl space encapsulation for your Chesapeake or Norfolk area home. Sweating Windows Condensation on the windows points to humidity and temperature issues. Musty Odor in the House Mold and mildew can cause a musty stench. Visible Mold High humidity in the crawlspace leads to an increase in mold growth. High Energy …

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What Does Reliable Backflow Prevention Look Like infographic feature image

What Does Reliable Backflow Prevention Look Like

See how backflow prevention works and how you can use it to keep the water in your Hampton Roads area home as healthy as possible. Worley’s Home Services specializes in backflow prevention and testing for homes in the 757. Get answers to all of your home comfort and efficiency questions—call Worley’s.