5 Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawlspace

Crawlspaces are often forgotten. After all, not many people are interested in the task of crawling underneath their home where it’s dark, dingy, and dirty. This is understandable, but your crawlspace has a greater impact on your home’s comfort and health than you may realize!

Considering crawlspace encapsulation for your Hampton Roads home? The team at Worley’s is here to explain everything you need to know about crawlspace encapsulation.

What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation?

Many homeowners have seen a crawlspace, whether it was their own or someone else’s, and know that they’re often cobwebby, full of debris like dead leaves or animals, and generally unappealing.

Crawlspace encapsulation is the process of sealing off your crawlspace from outside environments, which will eventually affect the inside area.  It is the process of controlling the temperature and humidity of the crawlspace to stop moisture, mold, and damage in the crawlspace.  The inside of an encapsulated crawlspace is clean and not frightening at all, which is better for the health and safety of your home. 

Reasons to Encapsulate Your Crawlspace

There are many benefits to crawlspace encapsulation! Here are the top five reasons why Worley’s recommends crawlspace encapsulation for every home in Hampton Roads VA:

1. Lower Energy Costs

It’s easier and cheaper to maintain your desired temperature settings at home with crawlspace encapsulation! Because an encapsulated crawlspace allows no outdoor air to seep into your home, your heating and cooling systems don’t have to overwork themselves. This means lower energy costs. 

2. Improved Home Comfort

Have you ever experienced the chill of the floors over your crawlspace in the fall or winter? Crawlspaces have traditionally had little to no insulation, meaning that they run as cold as the outdoors, and let in humidity in the warmer months. Crawlspace encapsulation seals off your crawlspace against these temperature and moisture fluctuations, making your home much more comfortable.

3. Better Indoor Air Quality

According to Home Energy Magazine, crawlspaces can account for as much as 40% of your home’s air, and possibly even more. Crawlspaces are often a major source of allergens since they commonly harbor dust, mold, mildew, and even pests. Crawlspace encapsulation helps improve the quality of the air in your crawlspace, and by extension, the air in your home. Breathe better with Worley’s crawlspace services!

4. Boost the Life of Your HVAC Equipment 

Your HVAC system works hard to keep your home’s temperature at your preferred settings, so why make it work harder than it needs to? Cut cold temperatures off at the source with crawlspace encapsulation from the pros at Worley’s and avoid putting unnecessary stress on your HVAC system.

5. Keep Moisture Out

One of the easiest ways for moisture to infiltrate your home is through your crawlspace. Moisture can lead to mold growth, which is terrible for indoor air quality and can also cause damage to your home. 

Trust the Worley’s Pros for Whole Home Care!

At Worley’s, we work hard to care for Hampton Roads Virginia homes as a one-stop home performance contractor. Our team is trained to prioritize customer service, and we bring professionalism and technical expertise to every homeowner we serve. 

Unsure if you need crawlspace encapsulation or other crawlspace improvements? In addition to crawlspace encapsulation, we also offer crawlspace inspections. With this service, we check several components of your crawlspace to ensure that it is in peak condition and make suggestions for improvements based on your needs.

Improve your whole home health and comfort with crawlspace encapsulation. Call or contact us online today!