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There’s nothing worse than realizing your cooling system isn’t working. Usually, by the time homeowners realize there’s a problem, the system is already down for the count! At Worley’s, we’re proud to offer a number of services for homeowners in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and the Newport News area of VA, to ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable for years down the road. 

Featured Services

HVAC Services

Virginians task their HVAC systems with fighting the seasonal battles of hot and humid summers, cold and wet winters, and contaminants polluting their indoor air. When your HVAC system is acting up in Williamsburg, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or all the 757 area, it’s going to take an expert to get it back in fighting shape! Worley’s Home Services repairs, maintains, and installs all makes, models, and types of HVAC systems, including geothermal, and our team of home comfort experts are ready to help you keep your home comfortable, healthy, and efficient.  What Does HVAC Stand For? While it is common for…

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Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-splits are excellent options for those looking to cool anything from one troublesome room like a garage or sunroom, to a whole home. We are proud installers of Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning units, and our trained team of technicians would be more than happy to assist you through every phase of the process. After all, the sooner your ductless mini-split is installed, the sooner you can enjoy their amazing efficiency!

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Heat Pumps

Did you know that heat pumps can cool as well as they heat? Heat pumps are an increasingly popular heating and cooling solution for Virginia homeowners because of their versatility and efficiency. Heat pumps don’t create cool temperatures like a traditional cooling system, they transport heat outside instead, lowering your utility bills and helping you achieve ultimate comfort at home. Learn more about why Virginia homeowners love heat pump installation from Worley’s.

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Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Hearing a funny sound coming from your AC system? Noticing a weird new odor when you start your cooling system for the season? Or maybe you’re just tired of having to clean your air filters and worrying about your home’s indoor air quality. A well-maintained cooling system can serve you well for years and eliminate any concerns about a sudden cooling breakdown. Sadly, the HVAC industry is currently experiencing a technician shortage and product shortage, meaning that breakdowns and repairs requiring urgent attention might have to wait longer than they once did. Homeowners investing in preventative maintenance are at a…

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Air Conditioning Installation

Looking for the next iteration of your cooling system, or maybe just planning ahead? There’s no time like the present to research which type of cooling system would be best for your Chesapeake home. Worley’s handles installation for all types of cooling systems, and can even help you decide which type of system would be the most suitable for your home.

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