Heat Pump Installation

It used to be that heating and cooling a home required two different pieces of equipment, which meant two different systems to maintain, operate, and repair. But with heat pump installation for your Hampton Roads Virginia home, you can embrace comfort, efficiency, and versatility all in one system. 

Worley’s Home Services is a heat pump installation company serving the home comfort needs of Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Gloucester, Yorktown, and Chesapeake. We can help you upgrade your heating and cooling system with our heat pump installation services. 

How Heat Pumps Work in A Cold Climate

Heat pumps can serve as a replacement for aging air conditioners, furnaces, and boilers, and are well suited to efficiently provide both heating and cooling even in a cold climate (like the Virginia winters). During the months when cooling is required, a heat pump works much like a traditional, efficient air conditioner, both removing heat from the living space to send back outside, and adding cool air into the home simultaneously. 

When it comes to how heat pumps work in the winter, a heat pump will reverse its process and find heat in the outside air to send inside. Heat pumps can utilize heat even in sub-freezing temperatures, which makes them remarkably efficient at heating a home even on some of the coldest winter days in Hampton Roads, Virginia. 

Where Heat Pumps Can Be Installed

For homes with existing ductwork and central heating and cooling systems, a heat pump can be installed to replace both systems. Heat pumps also come in more compact iterations that do not require existing ductwork. These are called ductless mini splits or mini split heat pumps, and can be installed directly into rooms that require extra heating and cooling power. Ductless heat pumps are great for:

  • Bonus rooms
  • Recently finished basements or garages
  • She-sheds
  • Rooms not included in the original ductwork 

The Benefits of Heat Pumps

  • All electric heating and cooling in one unit

With your heating and cooling combined into one unit, your HVAC maintenance is simplified. Plus, heat pumps only require electricity to heat and cool your home, doing away with the need for fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, or propane. 

  • Efficiency

Heat pumps are between 30% and 40% more efficient than other heating and cooling systems. With a heat pump that lasts well over a decade, that’s a big reduction in heating and cooling costs— especially if energy prices are on the rise!

  • Home comfort “zones”

By using multiple indoor air handlers, connected to one outdoor compressor unit, you can divide your home into separate comfort zones, each with its own thermostat settings. Stop fighting over the right temperature for your home without sacrificing efficiency!

Upgrade to Heat Pumps with Worley’s

Worley’s Home Services is a trusted heat pump installation company serving the home comfort needs of the greater Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, and Smithfield areas. If you are looking for an energy-efficient upgrade for your heating and cooling system, Worley’s has the tools and the local expertise to start your heat pump installation off right from the get-go. The earlier you switch, the more you stand to save!

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