Heat Pumps

Have you been hearing about heat pumps a lot recently? You’re not alone — heat pumps are gaining traction in the home cooling space because of their efficiency and reliability. What homeowner in the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Newport News area of VA doesn’t want to see their utility bills decrease?!

The expert team at Worley’s is here to help you enjoy all the benefits of heat pump ownership. Let’s start at the beginning to learn more about these impressive systems:

Heat Pumps 101

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a sophisticated and efficient cooling and heating system consisting of an indoor fan unit connected to an outdoor unit. As an added bonus, unlike gas or oil furnaces/boilers, heat pumps run completely on electricity.

How do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps don’t create warm temperatures — they absorb heat and efficiently transfer it where you want it. If you want to cool your home, a heat pump will take the heat inside your home and move it outside. In the colder months when you want to heat your home, heat pumps do the same thing in reverse by bringing trace amounts of heat indoors.

What are the Benefits of Heat Pump Installation? 

Heat pumps offer a number of benefits for homeowners, including: 

  • Versatile Heating and Cooling
    • Using one unit to cool and heat your home requires half the maintenance cost of having two separate systems
  • High Efficiency
    • Heat pumps are 30-40% more efficient than traditional cooling systems, making them an excellent way to save on utility bills
  • Quiet Comfort
    • There’s nothing quite so peaceful as a quiet house. Occasional noises from your traditional AC system will be a thing of the past when you switch to super-quiet heat pumps!

Regardless of your home’s system, Worley’s is here to help with an array of AC Installation service options. 

In Need of Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance?

Our team at Worley’s is trained to repair just about any system in your home. Want to schedule the next regular maintenance visit so you don’t have to worry about a breakdown? Preventative care is essential in extending the life of your systems, and we’re here to help so you can enjoy years of stress-free cooling. 

Experiencing a heat pump breakdown and need repairs ASAP? We offer 24-hour service to keep you covered in case of emergencies so you can enjoy peace of mind. 

Another Option: Ductless Mini-splits

Love the idea of heat pumps but not a fan of ducted systems? Ductless mini splits are heat pumps that offer all the same efficiency, but they don’t hook up to ductwork so you can put them anywhere! Mini splits also allow for extra versatility with their zoning capabilities. Because each unit operates independently, you can make one bedroom cool and another bedroom super chilly to suit everyone’s personal preferences.

Maybe you’re happy with your current cooling system but have struggled with a one or two-room hot spot that you can’t seem to cool. Ductless mini splits are an easy solution, and installation takes an average of a mere 1-2 days, making these a quick and easy upgrade any time of year.

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