7 Unusual AC Noises (And What They Mean)

Every homeowner dreams of a cool and comfortable summer in their house. There’s nothing quite like coming home from a day at Virginia Beach or a stroll through Williamsburg and being greeted by refreshing indoor temperatures.

But strange and unfamiliar AC noises can turn a relaxing weekend into a stressful one in the 757 area. Despite the inconvenience, it’s important to address new or concerning air conditioner sounds quickly to ensure that a minor issue doesn’t evolve into a major, costly breakdown. Here are seven things you might hear when there’s something wrong with your home cooling system.

7 Common AC Sounds and Their Potential Causes

#1: Wooshing

Dirty air filter: A blocked air filter can limit airflow, causing a whooshing sound. It’s easy for a homeowner to replace or clean the filter, but it’s also something that our HVAC technicians can handle during a regular tune-up visit.

Leaky air ducts: Gaps or holes in the ducts can cause air to escape, leading to the whooshing noise. This would require duct sealing to fix, but the good news is that it would also reduce energy waste and likely save you money on monthly energy bills too.

#2: Whistling

Too many dampers closed or blocked air vents: Closing or blocking multiple air vents can restrict airflow, producing a whistling sound. Ensuring vents are clear and adjusting the dampers can help maintain balanced airflow.

Broken blower: A malfunctioning blower can struggle to circulate air, leading to a whistling sound. This would typically require a blower replacement or repair to resolve the issue.

#3: Hissing

Refrigerant leak: A hissing noise often points to a refrigerant escaping. This requires professional intervention to repair the leak and replace the refrigerant.

Valve leak: If the hissing is near the compressor, a valve leak could be the culprit. Our technicians can inspect your unit to see what repairs will be necessary.

#4: Grinding

Worn bearings: This might be an issue with the AC’s fan motor. A motor replacement might be required.

Misaligned parts: Occasionally, internal components might shift, causing them to grind against each other. Re-aligning these parts should solve the problem.

#5: Rattling

Loose debris: External debris like twigs or leaves inside the unit can cause a rattling noise. A simple cleaning and landscaping around the unit can fix this. This is a good spring cleaning project for homeowners.

Aging components: Over time, some parts can loosen, leading to a rattling sound. They may need tightening or replacement.

#6: Banging or Clanging

Loose or broken parts: This is typically inside the compressor. If the parts are severely damaged, compressor replacement may be necessary.

Unbalanced indoor blower: If the blower’s blades are out of balance, it can cause a banging sound. Re-balancing or blade replacement can fix it..

#7: Screeching

Motor belt wear: Over time, belts can wear out and cause a high-pitched screeching. A belt replacement will resolve this.

Compressor issues: If the compressor is running under high pressure, it may produce a screeching sound. This is serious and needs immediate professional attention.

Enjoy a Noise-Free Summer: Call Worley’s Today!

Whatever noise you’re hearing from your AC, talk to Worley’s! We work on all makes and models, and can quickly help homeowners throughout the Hampton Roads area get to the bottom of cooling system issues.

AC Repair

If the issue with your AC isn’t serious, or you call a professional early enough to catch it before it becomes serious, AC repair can be a quick, easy, and affordable solution. Worley’s offers 24-hour emergency AC repair services, so matter when you need assistance, our team will answer your call!

AC Installation

In some situations, particularly with older units or systems that are badly damaged, the most cost-effective solution might be a new AC installation. There are many benefits to an upgrade however, including increased efficiency that lowers your monthly energy bills and more reliable operation. At Worley’s, we’ll always give you a straight answer when it comes to repairing vs replacing your AC, and can explain your options for an upgrade, including new high-efficiency AC units or energy-saving heat pumps and ductless mini-split alternatives.

AC Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With Worley’s maintenance plans, you’ll benefit from peace of mind that your HVAC system is in good hands, year-round. Regular AC maintenance from our trained and experienced techs can help catch small issues with your system before they turn into bigger problems, ensuring that next summer, the only sound you hear is the gentle hum of an efficiently running air conditioner.

Get the peace and quiet you deserve in your home. Call 757-356-4117 or contact Worley’s online and let us know what noises you’re hearing from your AC today.

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