A Party to Remember: Celebrating with the Worley’s Community

What started as a party for the milestone birthday of one of Worley’s founders has 5 years later turned into a favorite of employees and customers alike, here in the 757. The dust has settled from the 5th Annual Appreciation Farm Party (October 2023) — and we wanted to provide some history, along with the takeaways from our biggest event of the year. 

A Party is Born: Chuck’s Big 50

Let’s rewind to 2018 when the seeds of this annual bash were first sown. It all started with the owner’s 50th birthday. Instead of a quiet celebration, this bash turned into a grand launch for Worley’s as a new company, which had opened its doors in 2016.

With just two weeks of planning, an impressive 150 people showed up at a local farm to celebrate. People began asking about the next party just months after the first. So, Chuck decided to make it an annual event — because this wasn’t just about having fun; it was a heartfelt way to thank the community, employees, clients, friends, and associates who’ve supported Worley’s along the way.

2023: A Halloween-Themed Blast

October 2023’s party was themed as a Halloween extravaganza. Nearly 350 guests arrived in an array of costumes,some taking the Branding Challenge – to dress up as their best interpretation of the Worley’s brand. Some choose to dress as Chuck himself, along with superheroes, ghostbusters, and even “Where’s Worley’s” (Where’s Waldo).

“What’s on Chuck’s Plate?”

The party wasn’t just about costumes, and if you have heard or read any of our “What’s Stuck in Chuck’s Crawl” series, you might also wonder, “What’s on Chuck’s Plate?” We had six kegs of beer and hundreds of pounds of Bratwursts – a true feast for all. And for the seafood lovers, there were oysters galore.

Live Music by Mark Dunn

No party is complete without music, and we had the incredible shred-artist Mark Dunn fronting his own band, keeping everyone dancing just to fan the flames of his fast-moving fingers. Known for his mesmerizing guitar playing, Dunn ensured that the atmosphere was lively and upbeat, perfectly complementing the whole evening.

More Than Just Fun

Even after all the changes of the last few years, there has been no substitute for connecting with our neighbors, customers, friends, and the Worley’s family all in one place. As we wrap up our recap, one thing is clear: these parties are a fixture in Worley’s calendar. Each year, they grow bigger and better, reflecting the company’s commitment to the 757 community and team. It’s not just a celebration; it’s a statement of gratitude and an affirmation of continued excellence in service.

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