Celebrating Community and Business Synergy: The Business After Hours Event at Worley’s Home Services

On January 8th, 2024, Worley’s Home Services, a cornerstone in providing heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and home performance services, graciously hosted the York County Chamber of Commerce’s inaugural “Business After Hours” event. This memorable evening marked not just a networking opportunity but a celebration of community spirit and business camaraderie in the 757 area.

An Evening of Networking and Gratitude

The event kicked off with Sean Cronin, President of the York County Chamber of Commerce, setting the stage with a heartfelt introduction. Guests from various sectors arrived at the facility, eager to connect, share, and celebrate the journey of local businesses. The atmosphere was alive with a sense of gratitude and appreciation, underscored by the elegantly arranged finger foods and refreshments.

Chuck Worley’s Vision: 100 Handshakes a Day

Chuck Worley, the heart and soul behind Worley’s Home Services and a Norfolk native, took a moment to address the attendees. He shared his ambitious goal of “100 Handshakes a Day” – a personal commitment to making meaningful connections and reinforcing the bond within the local business community.

Chuck’s journey, marked by resilience and dedication, is truly inspiring. He openly shared the challenges faced, including the financial strain of doubling the estimated budget for erecting their building. Yet, his satisfaction was evident in the expansive range of services now offered by Worley’s Home Services, stretching from New Kent to the Virginia side of the North Carolina line. This expansion, supported by Worley’s dedicated team of 79 employees, reflects a commitment to excellence in every service offered.

The ‘757 House Whisperer’ and the Art of Fixing Houses

An exciting development shared by Chuck was a new podcasting venture with the ‘757 House Whisperer’. This initiative has not only allowed them to share their extensive knowledge about house fixing but also to create a platform for fellow contractors and the community at large. Chuck’s unique ability to ‘hear’ what houses need has been a significant factor in their success and community impact.

Commitment to Community and Core Values

The evening underscored Worley’s deep commitment to the community. This commitment extends beyond just business; it is about actively participating in local events, supporting community projects, and upholding values of integrity and support. A Testament to Hard Work, Investment, and Blessings.

Chuck’s personal narrative underscores that there are no shortcuts to success. His acknowledgment of the occasional imperfections and a steadfast resolve to rectify any issues highlights the human aspect of the business. It’s a story of hard work, investment in people, and counting one’s blessings.

A Future of Connectedness and Growth

The event concluded with Chuck expressing his surprise and gratitude for the large turnout at their Route 17 location. Each handshake, conversation, and shared story wove together the fabric of a community united in its pursuit of growth and mutual support.

Worley’s Home Services has not only fixed houses but has also played a pivotal role in building a stronger, more connected business community. As we look forward to more such events, we celebrate this journey of gratitude, investment, and passion – a journey that reinforces the belief in doing right by our community and each other.

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