Home DIY Projects to Avoid This Summer

Is your home Honey Do list longer than ever? It’s not uncommon for home improvement projects to accumulate until it’s the middle of summer, and you’re overwhelmed with tasks with no way to get them all done before fall and winter return.

When it comes to your home’s systems, DIY solutions can sound quick and easy, but the Worley’s team has seen our fair share of do-it-yourself projects gone wrong, and we know first-hand that homeowners often have to pay extra to fix their well-intentioned but unsuccessful DIY home repairs. Worley’s has you covered with a variety of services to help you care for your whole Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Yorktown, or Chesapeake home! Worley’s serves the entire 757 area.

  1. AC Repair & Maintenance

It can get frustrating fast when your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home the way it should. Most of the time, it’s not advisable to tinker around with your AC, but there are a few things you can do to find out if you really need to call in the professionals! First:

Check Your Thermostat

It may sound silly, but these systems can easily be adjusted by accident, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Make sure your thermostat is set to your preferred temperature. For optimal summertime performance, set it to cooling mode as well. 

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

Any time the seasons change or we get a severe weather event, it’s smart to check your outdoor units and clear away leaves, branches, and anything else that might’ve accumulated and could interfere with optimal operation of your cooling or heating systems. 

Listen for Weird Noises

You know your cooling system better than anyone, so if you’ve noticed a recent change in the operating sounds of your AC, or even a distinct or loud change, it’d be best to turn off your system ASAP, and call Worley’s for fast service to make sure everything’s working properly.

Completed all these checks and still dealing with a hot or sticky home? Worley’s is here to help—we even offer emergency service 24/7/365.

  1. Electrical

Whether you’re looking to resolve electrical issues like a flickering light, or add a couple more outlets throughout your home, it can be easy to assume that electrical work is as easy as 1-2-3. Take it from us—it’s not worth a trip to the ER! Save yourself the hospital bill by calling in Worley’s to get started. Our electricians can handle anything on your chore list, including: 

  • Panel change-outs
  • Whole-house Generac or Honeywell generator installation
  • Light installation
  1. Plumbing

Plumbing generally isn’t for the faint of heart, but plumbing issues can go from bad to worse fast with the wrong DIY fixes. From cracked toilets to cracked pipes, products that claim to be miracle workers often do more harm than good.

Worley’s offers a full variety of plumbing services and plumbing repairs, so you can say goodbye to that dripping faucet or sluggish tub drain for good without the headache of a DIY plumbing job gone wrong. Plumbing tasks Worley’s can help you manage include:

  1. Insulation

There are so many ways to go wrong with home insulation applications—it’s truly best to call Worley’s! Plus, even if your DIY insulation job helps, you might still be losing out on the money-saving efficiency you could’ve achieved with professional insulation installation.

Common DIY insulation mistakes we’ve seen include:

  • Overstuffing insulation
  • Forgetting to air seal
  • Air sealing incorrectly
  • Using the wrong insulation material
  • Using the wrong (or no) gloves with fiberglass insulation & itchy (ouch!)
  • Insufficient insulation
  • And much more!

We get it—taking on DIY home improvement is super tempting. Don’t let the pressure of having to check home improvement tasks off your list force you into doing a rush job—call in the pros instead.

Put down the screwdriver before anyone gets hurt! Call 757-720-7296 or contact us before taking home improvement into your own hands.

DIY can lead to sticky situations! Worley’s gets the job done right the first time. 757-720-7296