How to Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable Without Breaking the Bank

Today, we want to highlight an effective home upgrade strategy that not only enhances your comfort but can also result in savings on your energy bills: energy efficient heat pump installation. 

Air conditioning is a must for homeowners in Hampton Roads that want to beat the summer heat and humidity, so how is it that replacing your air conditioner with a heat pump will accomplish all this? 

Read on to learn how you can keep your home cool and comfortable without breaking the bank thanks to available rebates, expert heat pump installation, and the home comfort experts at Worley’s Home Services!

Why Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are a versatile and energy efficient solution for home heating and cooling, saving energy by transferring heat from one area to another instead of using energy to create it. Heat pumps can be installed as direct replacements for a central heating and cooling system, or as a one-room heating and cooling solution with ductless mini splits. 

In the summer months, heat pumps work by extracting heat from inside your home and transferring it outside, while in the winter, they pull heat from the outside environment into your home. This heat transfer process uses less energy compared to traditional heating and cooling systems. When used properly, heat pumps will translate into savings on your monthly utility bills.

Upgrading to a heat pump also comes with financial incentives. Numerous rebates are available for homeowners making the switch to these energy efficient HVAC systems, and the upgrade is a cost-effective investment in your home’s long-term comfort and energy performance.

Heat Pump Rebates in Hampton Roads

For residents in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, several rebates are available to help offset the cost of installing an energy efficient heat pump. 

Dominion Energy: Up to $1,000 

Virginia Clean Energy Corporation: Up to $2,000

The Hampton Roads Community Action Agency: Up to $500

To qualify, certain income and property ownership requirements must be met and the heat pump must meet specific efficiency standards. By leveraging these rebates, and ensuring proper installation, homeowners can enjoy significant savings and benefits in a more energy efficient home.

Pre-Installation Home Performance Upgrades

Before installing a heat pump, it’s worth considering other home performance upgrades that can further boost your home’s overall efficiency. Three key areas to focus on are insulation, air sealing, and crawl space encapsulation.

  • Attic insulation is crucial in maintaining the desired temperature in your home by reducing heat transfer. By ensuring your home is properly insulated, your heat pump won’t have to work as hard to maintain your home’s comfort, leading to energy savings.
  • Air sealing helps prevent air leaks, which can cause your heat pump to work overtime, using more energy. By sealing these leaks, you’re ensuring the energy produced by your heat pump isn’t wasted, again, leading to significant energy savings.
  • Crawl space encapsulation involves sealing your crawl space to keep out excess moisture, preventing issues like mold growth and structural damage. This process can improve your home’s air quality and help maintain consistent temperatures, enhancing the overall efficiency of your heat pump.

The Worley’s Difference

When you choose Worley’s for your home performance upgrades and heat pump installation, you’re not just getting quality workmanship and customer service; you’re also supporting a company with a strong commitment to the community and our team. Our mission is to offer total service and maintenance solutions for homes throughout Hampton Roads, operating on Christian principles, fostering a 100% drug-free environment, and utilizing the latest advancements in building science.

Interested in upgrading your home with a heat pump or exploring other home performance upgrades? Trust the expert team at Worley’s Home Services. We’re dedicated to providing holistic solutions to your home comfort needs.

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Looking to stay cool for less this summer? Worley’s is here to help, with heat pumps!