How to Tell If Your Crawl Space Needs Work

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Are you concerned about the state of your crawl space? Or perhaps you suspect that the issues in your crawl space may have something to do with your home comfort frustrations? Look out for these telltale signs to help you determine if you need crawl space encapsulation for your Chesapeake or Norfolk area home.

Sweating Windows

Condensation on the windows points to humidity and temperature issues.

Musty Odor in the House

Mold and mildew can cause a musty stench.

Visible Mold

High humidity in the crawlspace leads to an increase in mold growth.

High Energy Bills

A leaky or underinsulated crawlspace will waste energy and increase costs.

Insects and Pests

A leaky crawl space is a magnet for pests.

The Crawl Space Affects The Whole Home

The air in the crawl space can easily make its way through the rest of your living space, especially when the insulation has deteriorated or air leaks have formed. A healthy crawl space means a healthier, more comfortable, more energy efficient home! 

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