HVAC Maintenance: How Often Should You Do It?

Caring for your home heating and cooling systems is like taking vitamins before you ever feel sick, or stretching and exercising regularly so you don’t develop an injury—you will benefit in ways you may not realize! But the big question is, how often should your HVAC be serviced?

Here is everything you need to know about when and how to maintain the heating and cooling system in your Hampton Roads area home.

What Is Preventative HVAC Maintenance?

Furnaces and air conditioners have filters to be replaced, fluids to be topped off, bolts and screws to be tightened, and moving parts to be lubricated, just like your car. When this is done regularly, parts can be identified and replaced before they are allowed to fail. This prevents breakdowns and saves you money by using less energy. Proper HVAC maintenance includes:

  • AC air filter cleaning 
  • AC coil cleaning 
  • Refrigerant leak and level check 
  • Blower door adjustment 
  • Starter test
  • Tightening electrical connections 
  • And more! 

Is HVAC Maintenance a DIY Task?

Because proper furnace, boiler, heat pump, or air conditioner maintenance comes with some risk of electrical shock, it is not recommended to try and maintain heating and cooling equipment yourself. With a trusted HVAC maintenance technician from a reputable local company like Worley’s Home Services, you will see better system performance and reliable comfort through all seasons, without risking injury or damage to your equipment. 

The Best Time of Year for HVAC Maintenance

When does your HVAC need maintenance? The best time for a heating and cooling system tune-up is before and after the major heating and cooling seasons. Since we experience all four seasons here in Virginia, spring and fall are usually the best times to schedule maintenance. 

Spring HVAC maintenance ensures that your furnace receives a thorough checkup after a long winter of heating your home, and your air conditioner is fully prepared to bring the cool air you need when the summer heat arrives. Fall HVAC maintenance gives your air conditioner some well-deserved TLC and prepares your furnace for the first chilly night of fall. 

How You’ll Benefit from HVAC Maintenance

When a system is maintained regularly, you will notice a number of benefits that make HVAC maintenance worth it:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Increased energy efficiency and energy bill savings
  • Fewer emergency breakdowns and repairs
  • Longer lifespan for your equipment

Plan Your HVAC Maintenance with Worley’s Home Services

If you are looking to take HVAC Maintenance off your to-do list for good, the home heating and cooling experts at Worley’s Home Services can get you on our Planned Maintenance Program, and you can leave it all to us! Members of our maintenance program receive regular maintenance scheduled at your convenience and discounts on repairs. Members are also designated as priority customers for 24/7 service, and the plan is transferable if you decide to sell your home. 

Schedule your annual heating and cooling tune-up with the local pros at Worley’s Home Services! Call 757-356-4117 or contact us online to book a service visit.

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