Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

As a homeowner, there may be a long list of potential issues running through your brain that you do your best to be prepared for: What if the crawlspace floods? What if the roof is damaged in a storm? What if the furnace breaks? 

Oftentimes, homeowners throughout Gloucester, Yorktown, and the Hampton Roads area end up having to react to these kinds of issues after they happen, instead of preparing for them ahead of time. When it comes to furnaces and boilers that have stopped working, you may find yourself at a crossroads: Should you just pay for furnace repair, or replace it entirely? 

Sometimes, a quick and affordable repair is all you need to enjoy a few more years of efficient comfort. But at what point does it become more cost-effective to buy a new heating system?

Signs Your Heating System Can Be Repaired

If your furnace or boiler is exhibiting certain behaviors, it might just need a simple fix. Common issues like a furnace blowing cold air, a furnace making unusual noises, or a furnace that won’t turn on can sometimes be addressed with simple repairs like fixing a pilot light, replacing electric starters, or resolving fuel supply issues.

This is especially true for relatively young (less than 10 years old) heating systems. Once your heating system is up and running again, regular maintenance can extend the life of your heating system. However, this is not always the case and it will require an HVAC expert to diagnose what is causing the problem.

Signs Your Heating System Should Be Replaced

Age is perhaps the most significant factor when considering the longevity of your heating system. Most furnaces and boilers will last 10-15 years — and while some well-maintained systems may last far beyond that timeframe, if your system is more than a decade and a half old, it could be operating on borrowed time. 

If you find that furnace repair costs are mounting, specifically if they’re 50% or more of the cost of a new system, it’s a strong indicator that replacement might be the more economical choice. Also, if you’ve noticed a steady increase in your energy bills or if your home isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, these are signs that your system’s efficiency is waning, and a newer model might be a better fit.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Heating System

If it is in fact time to buy a new heating system, the team at Worley’s Home Services will pair you with a system that will provide you with more than just a “replacement” – we aim to make it an improvement! With the right boiler, furnace, or heat pump, you may notice the following benefits: 

  • Reduced energy costs
  • A more comfortable home
  • Improved indoor air quality 
  • Reliable heating all winter

Get an Honest Answer from Worley’s Home Services

Navigating the decision between repairing and replacing can be daunting. If you’re unsure about the best course of action for your heating system, it’s always a good idea to consult with heating professionals.

At Worley’s Home Services, the only thing more important than knowing how to repair, maintain, and replace any make and model of heating system, is our commitment to honesty and integrity. Once we know what is wrong with your system, our team can walk you through all of your options.

Your savings, comfort, and future energy usage are our top priority — not the size of the job or the number at the bottom of the invoice. If you’re looking for honest HVAC service in Yorktown, Hampton Roads, and the entire peninsula, call Worley’s Home Service!

Looking for trustworthy heating repair and replacement? Contact us or call Worley’s Home Services at 757-356-4117 and stay cozy!

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