What To Know Before You Install a Mini Split

Whether you have decided to install ductless mini splits for their self-sufficiency and versatility, or you’re converting your home to all-electric heating and cooling, you’ll want to know how to get the most out of your new mini split system. 

Here are some expert tips and tricks for owning a mini split heat pump here in the Eastern Virginia climate that will improve your indoor air quality, keep your heating and cooling costs to a minimum, and ensure your home is comfortable all year round. 

The Mini Split Installation Process

It’s a good idea to know what to expect when it comes to ductless mini split installation. There are three components to a mini split: an indoor air handler, an outside compressor unit, and airtight hose/piping that connects the two. 

With mini split installation from Worley’s, our installation technicians will help you locate the ideal spot to mount the indoor air handler and install the outside compressor. We then drill a small hole through an exterior facing wall to connect the two and seal that hole airtight over the hose. Once all connections have been made, the technician will charge the mini split with refrigerant, ensure it is working properly, and give you a tutorial on how to use your new mini split. 

Most Efficient Settings for a Mini Split

Once your new heat pump is up and running, it is important to utilize the most efficient settings that don’t sacrifice any of your home comfort. If you want to use the least amount of electricity possible when it comes to your heat pump, simply set the mode to “heat” or “cool” (depending on the season) and set your desired temperature. Then, ensure all windows are closed and let your heat pump do the work! 

Mini-Split Maintenance

You’ll want to keep your new heating and cooling systems in tip-top shape so that they don’t fall into disrepair like an old air conditioning unit or rusty boiler. Ductless mini split and heat pump maintenance is fairly straightforward for homeowners, and some simple annual maintenance from an HVAC professional near you will most certainly pay off in the long run. 

Cleaning Heat Pump Air Filters

The primary maintenance task for a mini split or heat pump is to clean the air filter, which can be done using a little bit of water. Simply turn your mini split off, open the front panel, remove the air filter screen, and wash off the dust and debris. Allow it to fully dry before replacing the filter, and turn it back on. This should be done every 30-60 days (depending on manufacturer specifications) for optimal indoor air quality and efficiency.

Need Mini Split Help? Call Worley’s!

Whether you have already said goodbye to your old AC unit in favor of a new heat pump, or you are planning to replace your cooling system this upcoming summer, Worley’s Home Services is here to help. Our team of home heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical experts can help you find the right solution for the needs of your home, and the needs of your budget. 

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