If you know Worley’s, you know that even when putting in a hard day’s work, we like to have fun while working on homes in all of 757 from Williamsburg to the Southside.  One of the best examples of our signature style is our hashtag, #WhatsStuckInChucksCrawl, where we show you some of the wildest examples of DIY gone wrong, the dangers of cheap work, examples of why to pick the right contractors and more.

There’s nothing that sticks in Chuck’s crawl like poor workmanship and the dangers it can cause, so we share these stories partially for entertainment, and partly as a cautionary tale. The Worley’s team is committed to helping keep you safe and healthy at home with year-round whole-home solutions.

Worley’s Has Your Crawl Space Covered

You wouldn’t believe some of the things we find in all over Hampton Roads crawl spaces during crawl space inspections. From pest infestations, to mold, to excess moisture, we’ve seen it all. During this recent project, we discovered that moisture was a major problem for this homeowner’s crawl space to an extent that they had placed several humidity absorbers around the space in an effort to solve the problem. 

While we definitely understand how this could seem like a good idea, no amount of absorbers will be able to manage moisture throughout an uninsulated and unsealed space. Crawl space insulation and encapsulation from Worley’s can help you keep moisture, pests, and mold out.

Keep Comfortable with Attic Insulation Services

Virginia winters are tough, sealing the penetrations between attic &  living space and having proper attic insulation is crucial to keeping your home healthy and comfortable.  In home performance,  we often refer to the chimney effect, which describes how air (and temperatures) move up, through, and out of a building if it does not have sufficient air sealing in the attic. This means all of your home’s healthy, heated air can escape through your attic if you have insufficient spray foam, air sealing and insulation!  An example I use all the time, if you lose 70% of the hot air you put in your home, it really does not matter how efficient your new heating and air system is.

It pays to hire a professional team like Worley’s to take care of your attic. This young lady’s landlord put her at risk with shoddy workmanship, illustrating the importance of investing where it counts in your home!

Worley’s Can Undo Weird and Even Potentially Harmful Work

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, Worley’s can ensure that your property has been properly cared for to help you avoid issues. This home, for example, had a hot tub illegally installed in the living area. When the homeowner realized how much additional moisture was in the home because of the hot tub, they installed a vent to help move the moisture out.

While this is what vents were invented to do, the vent didn’t go all the way outside like it was supposed to. Instead, it stopped in the attic, meaning that all the humidity sat in the attic, giving the home poor indoor air quality, high risk for mold and wood rot in the attic, and inconsistent humidity levels. If you find anything amiss in your new home, call the expert team at Worley’s! We can help you get your problems resolved and keep you and your loved ones healthy. 

Don’t be the Next Feature on #WhatsStuckInChucksCrawl!

If your home needs improvement, care, or maintenance, don’t wait for a small problem to snowball. At Worley’s, we make it easy by being a one-stop contractor! Worley’s technicians are specially trained and offer a variety of services, including: 

Worley’s can fix your home before things go wrong. Call Chuck or contact us online before it’s too late!