Your Crawl Space: What Belongs and What Doesn’t?

What do you use your crawl space for? Does it go unused, like many crawl spaces here in Hampton Roads, Southside, and the Peninsula of Virginia? Do you use it for long-term storage? 

If you have been investigating the area under your home and are wondering what should and shouldn’t be in a crawl space, you’re in the right place. Crawl space work is an integral element of the whole home work that Worley’s Home Services provides in the 757. 

Here’s what our team of experts wants you to know about what should and shouldn’t be in a crawl space. 

Crawl Spaces and Home Comfort

The crawl space is deceivingly important to the overall comfort and health of your home. As air escapes the many holes and gaps hidden throughout your home’s structure, especially in the attic, it will be replaced by the air underneath your feet. The cleaner your crawl space, the cleaner (and more comfortable) the air will be in your home. 

What Doesn’t Belong in a Crawl Space?


Pests in a crawl space can damage wiring, insulation, and wooden structures, leading to costly repairs. They can also create unpleasant odors and carry diseases. A sealed, clean crawl space helps deter pests.


Mold in a crawl space can cause structural damage and poor indoor air quality, leading to allergies, asthma, and other health issues. A well-ventilated, moisture-free crawl space is crucial to prevent mold growth.


Moisture in a crawl space can cause wood rot and mold growth, impacting your home’s structural integrity and air quality. It can also attract pests and damage insulation, making a dry crawl space essential for home health.

Deteriorated Insulation

Often linked to moisture problems, deteriorated insulation in a crawl space reduces energy efficiency, leading to higher heating and cooling costs. It also makes an attractive home for pests and will mold quickly if it gets wet. 

What Does Belong In a Crawl Space?

In a perfect world, there would be nothing in your crawl space but dry, clean air that is a comfortable temperature, along with the materials required to keep it that way! Crawl space encapsulation is the best way to achieve this goal. 

At Worley’s Home Services, our process of crawl space encapsulation includes the following: 

  • Vapor barrier installation (a thin layer of waterproof plastic material)
  • Air sealing (permanently closing any air holes)
  • Installing crawl space insulation

The Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

There are many reasons that make crawl space encapsulations worth it for homeowners in Hampton Roads and Southside, VA. With a more stable and clean crawl space, your home will:

  • Maintain stable and consistent temperatures
  • Use less energy for heating and cooling
  • Improve its indoor air quality
  • Deter pests, mold, moisture, and material deterioration 

“What’s Stuck in Chuck’s Crawl?”

Crawl spaces are notorious for containing some weird and unsightly things, which is the inspiration behind a series with our founder, Chuck Worley—“What’s Stuck in Chuck’s Crawl?” If you want to rid your home of any chances it’s playing host to some unwanted guests, or growing what looks like a science experiment, contact the whole home comfort experts at Worley’s Home Services. We can address your home comfort needs by finding the source of the problem with a crawl space inspection and resolving issues where they start so you can use less energy in the long run. 

To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, call us at 757-356-4117 or contact us online. Choose Worley’s to ensure your home is in the best hands!

Upgrading your crawl space will upgrade your home comfort. Contact Worley’s Home Services to learn more!